Minimalistic 2-Bed Cottage

Contec Designs was approached by a client who was seeking a small, yet stylish 2-bed cottage. The client had a clear vision of a minimalistic design that would maximize the use of space while providing ample natural light and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Contec Designs worked closely with the client to design a 2-bed cottage that would meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The design featured a simple and clean aesthetic with a focus on natural materials and ample natural light.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the team was maximizing the use of space while maintaining a minimalist design. The team worked to create an open plan living area that included a kitchen, dining, and living space. This allowed for a seamless flow of light and space throughout the cottage.

Another challenge was selecting the right materials that would complement the minimalist design. The team opted for face brick, which provided a natural, warm appearance that complemented the design perfectly and provided a unique touch to the cottage.

Throughout the project, Contec Designs worked closely with the client to ensure that their vision was realized. The result was a beautiful 2-bed cottage that exceeded their expectations and provided the perfect permanent residence for the client in the heart of the urban area.

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